Migration Services

The Australian immigration system provides many different options and solutions for people wishing to enter or remain in Australia, whatever their personal circumstances.
Generally speaking, the immigration system is designed to attract skilled migrants, skilled temporary workers and business people.

It also accommodates family members and partners of Australians, international students, other temporary visitors and people in need of Australia’s protection.

Australia is indeed  one of the greatest countries in the world and offers great investment opportunities with high capital growth and rental returns.

With our business partner Goodwyn Legal we can offer assistance with migration process and visa applications. We understand the pressure and complexities involved in applying to migrate or visit Australia. We listen to our clients and aim to make their visa application process simple and cost effective.


  1. Skilled Migration — including State  Sponsorship requirements
  2. Family Stream Migration
  3. Partner Visa Migration
  4. Business Owners &  Investors
  5. Employer Sponsored —  permanent & temporary options
  6. Significant Investor Visa

Significant Investor Visa

  • no age limit
  • no English requirements
  • must make investments amounting to $5m in complying investments and live in Australia 40 days a year for 4 years.
  • Subclass 188 visa (provisional) leads to subclass 888 visa (permanent)
  • ability to extend provisional visa for two years, with a maximum of two extensions permitted.

What are complying investments?

  • Commonwealth, State or Territory government bonds
  • ASIC regulated managed funds with a mandate for investing in Australia
  • Direct investment into Australian proprietary companies

Vehicles for investments

  • individual names, can be with spouse
  • through company structure, shares to be owned by individual applicant, spouse included
  • valid trust, trustee and beneficiaries include the applicant or their spouse or defacto partner together