With our business partner Goodwyn Legal Midas can provide a complete solution to our clients purchasing property from reviewing contract(s), providing feedback, negotiating amendments to the contract all the way to attending settlement and beyond. At Midas Property Solutions your satisfaction is the measure of success.

Once you have located and decided to purchase your property within your financial & other considerations, we will usually follow the following steps:

  • a thorough examination of the terms and conditions of the draft contract which is important & essential.
  • providing contract review feedback to them, answering their questions/concerns, seeking further information regarding the property & seeking amendments to the contract as required
  • assist our clients in carrying due diligence including any property inspections as per our clients discretion to establish if an encumbrances are applicable.
  • assist in signing and exchange of contracts.
  • carry out required searches, liaise with your bank to book & attend settlement on your behalf
  • work closely with our clients to get these initial steps done in a timely and prompt fashion especially in a scenario where they are attending an auction or purchasing a property in a pre-auction offer.

Buying and Selling a property will be one of the most important transactions you undertake. In relation to buying a property, our team of property experts will ensure that issues relevant to a property you are seeking to purchase are brought to light and cost benefit analyses undertaken thereafter. In relation to selling a property, Midas team will ensure that all disclosure requirements under law are met in relation to your property.

Leasing is also another important area of law, having a proper lease drawn up is important for both a landlord and tenant to ensure that they both understand their  legal obligations and are protected as accordingly.


Purchase and sale of businesses

Purchase and Sale of businesses requires holistic advice from commercially sensitive lawyers. Our specialists have experience in both the commercial and legal arena, hence have the ability to look at legal matters via commercial lenses. It is important to ensure that you do your due diligence when buying a business to ensure that you minimize your chances of buying into a loss making entity. On the other side of the coin it is important to ensure that when you sell a business you disclose all that is required under legislation to ensure that you will not be subject to future legal proceedings.


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