How can NRAS work for you

The best investment property in the best location is not for you if you can`t afford it.

Before you start searching for an investment property, you will need to establish your budget. And not just the purchase price that you can afford! Often, it is the ongoing negative cash flow that influences the investment decision the most. For a lot of people, negative gearing is a great theory, but an uncomfortable reality. In fact, many a would be property investor has turned back when faced with a negative cash flow, an ongoing future cash contribution required to meet the excess of expenses over the rent.

This is where NRAS makes the difference

NRAS can turn negative cash flow properties to positive cash flow properties.
The following examples demonstrate the annual NRAS cash positive effect;

Gross Market Rent 15,000 20,000
NRAS 20% rent discount (3,000) (4,000)
(Tax credit on rent discount @ 39.5%) 1,185 1,580
Net Rent reduction (1,815) (2,420)
NRAS Incentive 10,350 10,350
NRAS scheme management fee (776) (776)
Net NRAS payment 9,574 9,574
Net Additional Cash $7,759 * $7,154

* To achieve $7,759 of additional per annum after tax cash flow without NRAS, a rent increase of $12,824, from $15,000 to $27,825 p.a. (from $288 to $535 per week), would be required.