Can you afford to invest in property?

The question should really be, “can you afford NOT to invest”, whether it be in property or some other form of investment? As many Australians already know, investing in property can have many advantages. It can help you secure your future, act as an additional income stream or improve your tax efficiency.

At Midas, we are very passionate about Property Investment, because we are active property Investors ourselves. We are committed to customer satisfaction and you will feel the difference in our services as we focus on adding value to our client’s current and future financial position.

Midas Property Solutions is offering industry professionals without high levels of investment property knowledge easy access to comprehensive property information and enables property investors to make an informed decision.

Searching for the right property takes a considerable amount of time, – one of your most precious assets. Many of our clients are busy professionals and understand the need to leverage their time.

Midas Property Solutions combines properties with research, an Australian-first investment property calculator and customised reports, creating ONE unique web-based solution that matches investors with property in minutes.

This methodology provides industry professionals who have little to no investment property knowledge with the know-how and tools to best serve investors.

Calculations produce relevant investment performance, risk scenarios and ownership options; displaying the following:

  • Rental gross and net yield bigstock-An-ornate-clock-with-the-words-42103327-300x253.jpg252525
  • SMSF, company, single and joint ownership
  • NRAS incentives including audit managers fees
  • Taxable deductions
  • Australian and non Australian residents
  • Loan type, amount and interest calculations
  • Property levies and expenses
  • Stamp duty and depreciations
  • Acquisitions cost
  • Capital growth and equity
  • Net holding cost, annual and weekly cash flow

The right property, at the right price, unbiased advice.

Who benefits from our services?

  • The property investor
  • The bargain hunter
  • Those with little real estate experience
  • Overseas and interstate buyers
  • The busy executive or working couple
  • Those seeking confidentiality

Finding a property investment home loan that works for  you!

With our property investment expertise, we understand what investors should look for in a loan. We will carefully explain to you the differences between loans and recommend the loans that we believe are most suited to your circumstances.

We make the effort to understand your long term plans so we don’t just find you a loan that fits you today, but one that will work for you in the future.

Successful property investors know the importance of correctly structured finance and getting quality advice from competent, experienced industry professionals is the key to success building an investment property portfolio.

Midas specializes in showing new and experienced investors the most effective ways to correctly enhance current and future borrowing capacity for additional investments and access existing property equity to get started investing.

To arrange a FREE initial consultation to find out how much you could borrow and how Midas can help you buy a top performing investment property please call us on 02 8883 3088 or complete this form and we will contact you.